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Rummy Pro Live
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Update 2022
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Rummy Pro Live

Rummy ProLive, Rummy ProLive Apk, Rummy ProLive App, Rummy ProLive Application, Rummy ProLive Game, New Rummy ProLive App, Rummy ProLive Download offers 18 different casino games that require real cash to play. Here are all the popular payment methods in India to Add Cash. Not only that, you can also Withdraw money in your bank account very easily. Also, many VIP passes are also given in this app along with Daily Bonus. By purchasing VIP Pass, you can get a good return without any risk.

Rummy ProLive


However, if you do not want to risk losing your own money, then it has been given the facility to earn by sharing the Referral Link. You can share the Referral Link of this app with different friends and get a commission by availing of this feature. The most important thing about this app is that from here you can earn a maximum of ₹2500 from each Referral.

About Rummy ProLive, ProLive Rummy GAME, Rummy ProLive APK, Rummy ProLive app

App Name Rummy ProLive
Owned By Rummy
Sign up Bonus ₹31
Rummy ProLive Apk Download Click here
Minimum withdrawal ₹100
Withdrawal options UPI, Bank transfer
Verified Yes
Rummy ProLive Referral Code 384ru4

If you are looking for a Rummy Gaming App on the internet through which you can earn from ₹20000 to ₹30000 per month sitting at home then you no longer need to wander around. Because today we are going to give you information about one such great Android gaming app through which you can earn thousands of rupees every day by playing a few hours of games from your Android smartphone and run your expenses. The name of this fantastic gaming app is Rummy ProLive .

How To Download Rummy ProLive,New Rummy ProLive, Rummy ProLive Apk Download

If you want to download Rummy ProLive APK to play the Teen Patti game. For your information, I want to tell you that there are 2 ways to Download this application. If you want, you can Download this application to your smartphone by clicking the Download Button above.

Apart from this, ProLive Rummy APK is also available on Google Play Store. You can Download this application to your smartphone for free from Google Play Store. I want to inform all of you that so far this application can Download more than 1 million people from Google Play Store. Apart from this, this application has also got a rating of 4.2 points on the Google Play Store.

How To Get Sign Up Bonus in Rummy ProLive (How To Create Acccount in ProLive Rummy Game)

On creating a Rummy ProLive App account, you get a free Bonus of ₹51from the company. You can use this Bonus to play games. Apart from this, you can get more free bonuses after registering your Account. Follow the below method to Register Account.

  • First of all install Rummy ProLive App in your phone and open it.
  • After this , enter your mobile number by selecting the option to login with mobile number and verify it through OTP .
  • You will get a Sign Up Bonus of ₹ 51 immediately after verifying the OTP .
  • You can play any game by making full use of this sign up bonus .

Invite Friends And Earn Money in Rummy ProLive , ProLive Rummy Refer Commission Bonus

Referrals Program is much better for people who want to earn money without any Risk and without any investment. You can earn more money by promoting this application through Referrals Program. Here, the more people you will Join in this application, you get Commission per joining the company. You can make income from ₹5000 to ₹10000 every month in a very simple way through the Referrals Program.

  • First click on Share option.
  • After this you will see the options of Facebook , Whatsapp, Telegram , YouTube or Share here.
  • By choosing any of these options, you can share the referral link of this app with different people.

If you want to earn by referring through the Rummy ProLive App, then for your information, let you know that here you can earn up to a maximum of ₹2500 from a Referral. Along with this, you are also given a Referral bonus of ₹20 immediately on each Successful Referral. Apart from this, if your Referral recharges in it, then you also get 5% commission.

Rummy ProLive Withdraw Proof / ProLive Rummy Payment Proof

Rummy ProLive


Total Playable Game in Rummy ProLive , Follow Game Available in ProLive Rummy Game

In the Rummy ProLive application, all card games are available in 18 types of different variants for you to play the game. Here you are given different games to play rummy game Teen Patti game casino game poker game IPL cricket game. Here you can win real cash by betting on any game.

ICC T20 Andar Bahar 7 Up 7 Down Jhanda Munda
Crash Car Roulette Zoo Roulette Roulette Roulette
Baccarat I make Patti 20-20 I’m doing Patti Rummy
Best Of Five Sports 3 Card Poker Andar Bahar Go
Black Jack Ludo Poker Fruit Line
Variations 10 Card Fishing Rush  

Rummy pro live | new Rummy earning app today | new Teen Patti earning app today | Paytm earning app

Rummy ProLive Apk Features, Total Available Menu in Rammy ProLive Game

  • Chat while playing the Rummy ProLive game.
  • Make private sequence comparisons with players nearby.
  • Claim daily reward bonus in ProLive Rummy game.
  • Control game music, sounds, and notifications in ProLiveRummy.
  • Get global Rummy player recognition.
  • Set boot price and Chaal limit while playing RummyProLive .
  • Request slideshow to the co-players.
  • Leads to teen Rummy lobby when you don’t take action two times.
  • Select the number of players.
  • block/report 3patti players.
  • Set up Rummyuser profiles.
  • Add Rummy buddies and invite them easily through a click. And more!
  • Initial Chips: Download RummyProLive& get up to 2,50,000 FREE CHIPS!
  • Daily Rewards: Get up to 2,00,000 FREE BONUS CHIPS daily!
  • Lucky Draw: Win up to 10 CRORE FREE CHIPS every day!
  • Weekly Winner Chips: Get up to 10 CRORE FREE CHIPS every week!
  • Sign-up Bonus: The bonus that you get on sign-up is probably the best part of the app.
  • Unlimited referral commission: You can invite as many users as you can and earn unlimited commission from them.

How To Add Cash in Rummy ProLive, Add Chip in Rummy ProLiveGame Full Process

Here you get the facility to Add at least ₹10 Payments. Apart from this, you can add a maximum of ₹150000 Payments at a time here. Apart from this, the company offers you a Cashback Offer of 2% to 10%. Follow the process below to Add Payment.

  • First  of all click on the Pay Shop option given below . After this you will see many different types of amounts here  .
  • Select the amount you  want to add cash and then click on Pay Button .
  • After this you have to enter your  UPI I’d, Username, Mobile Number  and  Email ID  .
  • After completing this process , complete the payment process by selecting any payment method .
  • Cash will be added to your Rummy ProLive Account as soon as you successfully  complete the  payment  .

How To Withdrawal in Rummy ProLive, Bank And UPI Withdrawal in ProLive Rummy Game App

The Rummy ProLive app allows you to withdraw your referral earnings and winnings to your bank account. You don’t have to submit your PAN card or any other document for KYC. Because no KYC is required to withdraw money from this app, Just Follow Below Steps-

  • First  of all click on Withdraw button .
  • If you want to Withdraw Cash in Bank Account ,  then for this option with +  Bank Account and if you want to Withdraw Cash in UPI ID  then  select on option with +UPI ID .
  • On the option with + Bank Account , you will have to enter information related to your bank. Apart from this, on the option with + UPI ID , you will have to give information about your UPI ID and User Name .
  • After selecting any of the two options and filling the information, enter the amount you want to withdraw cash and then click on the Withdraw  Button .
  • In a short time, that money will be received in your Bank Amount .

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Rummy ProLive App Helpline Number/ ProLive Rummy Contact Number:

Customer Support Facility is provided to you in this application. If you have any problems here, you can address your problem by talking to the direct customer care officer. Customer care service is available from 9:00 AM to 7:00 pm.

By clicking on the Customer Support option in the Rummy ProLiveApp, you can get live support through the contact sources given here and get an instant answer to any of your questions.

Important Note – This game contains financials. You can get addicted to this game. So all of you are requested to play this game at your own risk and responsibility. This is a kind of gambling game where you can win lakhs of rupees here every day, then you can also lose lakhs of rupees in the same day. So run this game on your own responsibility and on your own trust. If you have any kind of financial loss here, then you yourself will be responsible for it.

Rummy ProLiveApps FAQ’s

Q.1 – How Much is Sign-Up Bonus in Rummy ProLiveApps.

  • Ans –  Sign Up Bonus Total Rs.51

Q.2 – What is the Minimum Withdraw of RummyProLive .

  • Ans –   You can Minimum Withdraw is Rs.100

Q.3 – What is the Maximum Deposit of Rummy ProLiveGame.

  • Ans –   Inside this app the Maximum Deposit Is Rs.10

Q.4  – How much bonus do you get on each Invite in ProLiveRummy?

  • Ans –   Per Invites – Rs-20 & Also 30% Commission on Friends Recharge.

Q.5 – How much recharge commission do you get in RummyProLive Apps?

  • Ans –Recharge Commission 2% To 10%

Q.6  – Is Rummy ProLiveApk is Safe for Add Money?

  • Ans – Yes It’s 100% Safe Application “Verified”

Conclusion / Final Word

Friends, we have given you information about Rummy ProLiveAPK, Download ProLive Rummy APK,ProLive  Rummy App, and Download Rummy ProLive App . Rummy ProLive through this article. We hope you all liked the information we provided. If you want to get information related to Teen Patti game rummy game and other card games like this, then you must bookmark our website

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